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Βάρος: 20000γρ.
Κωδικός προϊόντος: M-00064
Τιμή: 1,860.00€ 950.00€
Τιμή προ φόρου: 766.13€
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Description UG 1: Περισσότερες πληροφορίες ΕΔΩ

The Universal Cutter Grinder Kirba UG 1 consists of the following features:

  • Machine housing is of sturdy compact design with built in dust protection motor.
  • Grinding wheel spindle runs free of vibration. Driving belt, spindle, adjustment for belt tension, and switch are totally enclosed in the housing - best safety against accidents is provided.
  • Unique distribution of all operating elements and adjustments.

The KIRBA engraving cutter grinder UG 1 enables to grind all profiles from 1 - 9 ( see sketch above ) from compact material. The grinding spindle is beared in self-regulating roller-bearings. The fitting of the grinding discs enables a rapid change of the grinding wheels. If the grinding wheel is once adjusted and rectified on the fitting, it moves again centrically even after a certain change.
It is therefore recommended to utilize a grinding disc fitting for each grinding wheel. The complete tool-carrier may be moved on the round guide for 4.8" - 120 mm. The fine adjustment in the range of 0.9" - 23 mm is effected by moving the micro-meter screw situated at the side of the machine body. The stop in radial direction is regulated with the adjusting screw at the front side of the machine body. Grinding angle and relief-grinding angle exists at the center sleeve scale.
The collet center sleeve with a diameter of 0,4" - 10,1 mm is designed to allow the grinding of cutters and pins of any length.


Technical Data UG 1:

Motor capacity : 1/4 HP - 0,25 KW
Wheel spindle speed : 4500 RPM
Speed of motor :2800 RPM
Grinding wheel diameter : 3" / 75 mm
Collet capacity : up to 0.4" / 10  mm
Maximum grinding radius : 0.4" - 5 mm
Space required : 16" x 12" - 21.6" - 550 x 300 mm
Height : 10" -250 mm
Weight, approx. : 45 lbs - 20 kg

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